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About us

Tunes in Motion is an independent music label from the Netherlands, focusing on showcasing and guiding starting and professional Pop and Rock musicians. We profile lyric writers, bands, singer-songwriters and musicians through a leased spot on our platform. In addition, we provide a webshop in which musicians can sell their personal merchandise and music, in the form of downloads or albums.

As an extra service, Tunes in Motion functions as an independent record label, helping new artists kickstart their musical careers. We provide musicians with the tools to create their first single, demo, or even an entire album. In our studio, we accompany the artist on the road to, for example, songwriting, registering music (with BUMA/Stemra and SENA), recording and mixing/mastering.

In working with musicians, we ensure a personal and professional approach. Our team consists of songwriters, lyric writers, melody writers and we lead musical production. We guarantee to listen to the musician’s every sound wish, without pushing them into unwanted directions. With years and years of experience, we believe that it’s the artist’s musical vision that counts. When you face the music, we have your back.

Want to be showcased?

Leasing a bit of web space on our platform, you’ll get a personal page featuring your music, a professionally written Artist Statement and a few photos. It’s possible to add more info, such as playlists, album releases or blogs. Furthermore, you’ll be able to sell your personal merch through our webshop! Interested in leasing a spot? Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

There’s an abundance of combinations to kickstart your career in music with Tunes in Motion. Ready for all the info? See a full list of our options, here. Or just shoot us an email.